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Mod tools » Praetorians Modding Guide - Units

This guide explains how to change the maximum amount of troops per unit.

Mod tools » Praetorians Modding Guide

Guide which should give you a good start modding Praetorians

Mod tools »

Utility to extract .DIR and .PCK files

Mod tools » Commandos 3

All the Commandos 3 files that can be decoded.

Mod tools » Commandos 2

All the Commandos 2 files that can be decoded

Mod tools »

Debugger for C2.

Mod tools »

Decodes a lot of the Commandos 2 and 3 files

Mod tools » Dragon Unpacker Version:

External download, needed to decode/crypt some files.

Mod tools » Praetorians_OGG.exe

OGG tool.

Mod tools » imperialglory_editor.exe

IG Mod tools, give some information.

Mod tools » LoadMNGFormat.rar

English translation of the documentation file of the MNG format